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There's no business like
SOW Business

Based in Los Angeles, B. Lin Murphy helps clients and fellow dreamers grow their visions into tangible realities from ideation to implementation.


She accesses personal, professional, and experiential learnings to consult and represent both individuals and organizations as an engaged partner and liaison.

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"My mission is to enable positive change by encouraging endless, unbridled ideation. Through program and product development, I hope to give creatives the freedom and confidence to sow seeds of innovation with speed and without hesitation. "

B. Lin Murphy,

Founder of SOW Business LLC


SOW /soʊ/

1. verb | to place seeds in or on the ground so that plants will grow


2. verb | to introduce into an environment for future growth

3. verb | to define the specific goals for a project; what needs to be delivered, and the performance criteria


4. noun | a statement of work (SOW) is a document routinely employed in the field of project management. It is the narrative description of a project's work requirement.

Do you have ideas and/or aspirations, but roadblocks are hindering execution? Here's why I can help.


Request an intake meeting + strategy session with B. Lin

I Love My BAWDY, becaUSE _____________.

Let's ideate!


Plant Nursery

"I have a defined project or product, but need help with strategy."


"I need help finding opportunities, resources, and/or experts."


Aerial View of a Field

"I have an idea, but need to design, test, and validate it."


"I have a strategy and a tested design." I'm ready to build.


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